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400 12th St., Suite 25
Modesto, California 95354


Phone: 209-549-9875
Fax: 209-549-9876

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Global Healthcare Services

Global Healthcare Services realizes the importance of providing patient-centered health care services and personalized care to each patient we serve. Located in Modesto, California, we dedicate our means, people and resources to the elderly, the sick and the disabled patients who require compassionate attention and clinical care at their own home.

The quality of our service plays a fundamental role in the patient’s total recovery, independence and health. Therefore, to provide high-quality sort of care, we take time to know our patient’s needs, preferences and demands, allowing us to implement a plan of care that they specifically need. Our goal is to assist patients in their journey to optimal health and wellness along with the people they cherish the most. Allow us to take good care of you and your healthcare needs at home. For more inquiries and questions, please call us at 209-549-9875.

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Global Healthcare Services
serves the residents of San Joaquin and Stanislaus counties,

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